Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 Months! - My Beautiful Princess!

Baby Girl,

It is finally starting to hit me how big you are really getting. It started when I realized that I will be planning your first birthday that is just two months away and then really got me when I was going through your room and taking out all the clothes that are too small for you and putting in the ones that fit. You don't fit in 6 months clothes anymore. You only fit in some 9 months. The tops fit, but the pants are a bit short. Looks like you are going to have long legs like Daddy and Mommy!

This month had a few firsts for you. You got your first tooth. That doesn't always feel so good! It almost makes me sad to think of you no longer have a toothless grin. Soon we will be seeing cute little toothers. You enjoyed your first Christmas. You liked Santa only for a minute. But once I walked away, it was a done deal. You wanted Mommy back. When it came to presents, you were all about ripping the wrapping paper so you could eat it, not see what was inside. You did like digging into your stockings though...maybe because you were able to see what was inside. You are starting to eat more and more foods. You want to eat anything that we eat and we are letting you. So far, there hasn't been anything that you don't like. You've always been such a big eater! I almost forgot, you also had your first sleep over away from Mommy. I am pretty certain that it was harder on me than you.

You also got your first ear infection. It was the saddest thing ever. I didn't mind that I wasn't getting any sleep. I minded more that you were hurting. I hated that you felt pain and wished so much for it to go away. It took a very long three days before you started to feel half way normal. Your sick face was heart breaking. I never want to see that face again. Daddy loved snuggling you though and sleeping with you upright at night.

Speaking of your Daddy, you two have completely bonded this last month. Being able to spend alone time while Mommy is at work has made you two so very close and I love it. You light up like a Christmas tree when he comes in the door and crawl as fast as you can to the door and can't be picked up fast enough. Daddy has a magic touch with you that is for sure. You two love to snuggle and you just seem to relax when in his arms.

Oh! And this month you have really started to dabble with the thought of walking. You have taken a step for both your Daddy and I, but quickly go to your knees. You still aren't so sure of it yet. You have been standing more and more on your own and it is for pretty long periods of time. You are constantly walking around the couch or table or anything that you can hold onto. I imagine you will be off walking soon and I cannot say that I am ready for it. It just makes me realize even more that you aren't just a little baby anymore.

You are such a wonderful little girl Skylar. I love you more than anything. Every day I spend with you is a gift and I cherish it. I truly couldn't imagine it any other way and never take it for granted. I am pretty sure I might be shedding some tears while planning your birthday - two months away. You are getting so big, so fast. And time seems to keep going faster. You are so smart, so wonderful. I just love you.



Mama Marshmallow said...

What a cutie she is!

Nellie said...

She is adorable!

Rachel said...

Such a great letter. She will love to read this when she is older!