Friday, July 10, 2009

4 Months - July 6


What a whirlwind the last four months have been. And I have loved and enjoyed every last minute. I absolutely love being a full time mommy. I love knowing that I get to spend my days with Skylar and Seth and Swae (when we have them). I couldn't be happier! These last four months have been the best of my life. I can't even begin to imagine what our lives were like without Skylar. She is such a wonderful little girl. And boy is she growing! I have been so busy that I totally missed sending out a three month letter and I am beating myself up for that. I really need to make it a priority! Everything with our family is going extremely well. Swae and Seth are enjoying the summer. We are going to Wild Water's at least once a week. They are definitely little water babies! Skylar doesn't mind at all going and being in the heat, but isn't so sure of the cool water. We try to spend as much time outside as possible and a new favorite is going on bike rides as a family!

And now, my letter to Skylar!

Sweet Skylar,

Happy Four Months little love!!! Four months already? Where did my little infant go?? While I miss you being little so much, I enjoy how big you are getting, watching you grow, watching you learn...everything about you. It's amazing that my heart doesn't just explode from all the love I have for you.

It blows me away that you are already rolling over (back to front and front to back). I remember your sweet little face the first time you did it and the surprise that was on it. But then, you were all about it. You definitely don't sit still. You are a little mover! You have found your voice and love to use it. At first it was most you just screaming - both when you are happy and mad. Now, you are 'talking' all the time. You wake up and look at me with your sweet little smile and start talking. You talk constantly and you LOVE telling your sissy and brother stories. Actually, you love everything about your sister and brother. And boy do Swae and Seth adore the heck out of you. When Daddy and I call them while they are with their mom, they always ask about you and they always ask to talk to you. The minute you hear their voice over the phone you start beaming. It is the cutest thing in the world. The love that the three of you have is something special and truly beautiful.

The bond you share with your Daddy is breath taking. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be a Daddy's Girl for sure. You love him so much. When he gets home at night, your eyes don't leave him. You love being in his arms and he always seems to get you to calm down when I can't. You two have a connection that is precious. I love the way your little face lights up when he looks over and smiles at you. I love to watch the two of you take nappers together. I love to see the two of you play on the floor. Your Daddy adores you sweet girl, just as I do.

We have had a bit of a rough time too the past month. You have been suffering from acid reflux really bad. It has completely disrupted your sleep schedule and you were definitely a miserable little girl most of the time. It was so heart breaking for mommy to see you hurt, to hear your hurt cry and not be able to do anything about it. We finally got you on one medicine and while it helped a little, it wasn't enough for you. We changed the medicine to something stronger and that has significantly helped you a lot. You are back to your normal, happy, smiley self. I am so thankful for that because it was breaking my heart knowing you weren't feeling good. Now we just need to get your sleep schedule back on track! :) Mommy misses her sleep.

We started giving you rice cereal. It is so fun to watch your eat it. You are definitely a messy girl and you don't stop talking throughout the process which makes it only mildly difficult. I am looking forward to getting the green light to start feeding you veggies and some fruit! We feed you sitting in your Bumbo - seriously, that thing is a life saver and you love it! It again makes me realize how big you are getting though since you are able to sit up in in, reach for your toys, grab things, and just be such a cute little girl.

Skylar, I love you so much. And while I have gotten frustrated with the restless nights, I couldn't love you anymore. We are getting through your reflux together and I am praying that you are 100% very soon. You, little girl, are my world and I absolutely adore every little thing about you. I will forever love and cherish you and will always be here for you.


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Megan said...

Tear! What a beautiful letter!