Tuesday, May 11, 2010

14 Months

My precious little Skylar,

You are growing so fast...and right before my eyes. We have been keeping quite busy and for that, Mommy slacked on writing you a tribute for your 13 months. So I will combine the two months.

I can't get over how tall you are, and how thin. While you can and will (and do!) eat all day long, you never seem to put on weight. You haven't even reached 19 pounds!! You still love all food. However, you now will only eat certain things on your terms. I haven't quite figured out those terms yet. You definitely love cheese and bread and your little snacks. You think that crackers are the greatest thing in the world and they have definitely saved the day many times. You are now completely off breast milk and have moved on to soy. We started with whole milk, but that seemed to irritate your booty. But just because you don't nurse doesn't mean you don't enjoy the skin to skin contact. You love to pull up my shirt and rest your head on my tummy and you love to rub my chest and arms. And I have to admit, I love when you do it!!

You have quite the personality my love. You are a crack up - not just to others either, but to yourself. I always find you laughing at the random things that you are doing. You have the most gorgeous smile and it warms my heart every single time I see it. And your laugh. It is quite contagious. I can't help but laugh with you. You have the best facial expressions. And you yammer up a storm!! I love so much to listen to your little baby babble. I love when you try to copy what your dad and I are saying. You say mama, dada, love you, thank you, and what. It cracks me up when I call your name and you look up from what you are doing and say, "what?"

You love to wave at everyone! You wave hello and good bye and just wave to be waving. You definitely capture every one's attention everywhere we go. You are quite the charmer and you love to flirt with the men! You love attention. You are very adventurous and independent. You love to play at the jungle gym and would much rather play in the big kid area rather than the baby area - and you have no fear playing amongst the big kids, even if they are bigger than you and rough!

You absolutely adore your big brother and big sister. You want to be just like them. You love playing with them, wrestling with them, doing everything you can with them. And boy do they love you. Sissy loves to take care of you. She loves spending every second she possibly can with you. She reads to you, snuggles you, helps change you. I'm pretty sure she would be content if I didn't do anything and just let her do it all. While your brother likes playing with you, you both seem to have some sharing issues. I'm sure this is something that will last for quite some time! :)

You are loved baby girl more than you know. You brighten my day each and every day. Your smile alone puts me at ease and brings so much peace to my life. I love that you will come and snuggle with me when I ask you. You give kisses when Daddy and I ask you. You are quite the little cuddle bug and I couldn't be happier. I adore when you come over to lay your head on my leg in the middle of playing and then go back to what you are doing. Honestly, I love everything about you. Even your fits...well...those we could do without. But I do love knowing you have an opinion. Lately you have had some cranky moments, but that is due to teething. You now have 4 teeth and are working on the next 2.

You little girl are truly amazing. I love watching you grow, watching how much you learn each and every day. You are so incredibly smart and loving. I love you more than anything sweet girl.


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